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Chérine Noaman

Cherine has made a name for herself by developing an uncompromising customer service approach. Her mission is to offer a high quality personalized service with a sense of integrity, discretion and professionalism. Without forgetting the small details. Cherine works in a renowned agency with international affiliates to meet the needs of customers Sellers and Buyers.

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about Dejan


Working as residential real estate broker since 2012, Dejan has many years of experience in the real estate industry. His successful career path and his devotion to career progress over the years make him a respected professional. Dejan began his journey in a large real estate team, which served him as school and allowed him fast positioning in the real estate industry, while benefiting development of his knowledge in an environment that continues to progress and to evolve. While being a Real Estate Broker, Dejan also held the important position of Director of Operations for Marty Waite's Team at Remax Direct for almost three years. This experience allowed him to deepen his knowledge and develop an acute sense on all possible aspects of a real estate transaction. Having always been in public service and sales from a very young age, Dejan has an amazing gift to adapt to people, to grasp their need and offer them the best solution. Nothing makes him happier than a customer who is fully satisfied from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Dejan resides in downtown Montreal, he covers different areas of the island and he has great availability for his clients. He is dedicated, patient, innovative, respectful, meticulous and above all committed.

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